What are services like?

Our services are approximately 65 minutes long. They consist of enjoyable music, a conversational message from the Bible which is primarily presented through the video teaching of Andy Stanley, and some of the best people you will meet in Birmingham..., all of this we hope creates an engaging experience. We have Guest Service Teams available onsite to answer all your questions and help you find your way around. We also provide the opportunity to stay as anonymous as you’d like or take a next step, it is up to you. We hope you enjoy it and will want to come back. We look forward to seeing you soon.

What times are your services?

Adult and Family Ministry environments begin at 10:30 a.m.

What do you offer for children?

We work hard to create safe and enjoyable environments for children six-weeks through high school. We are so passionate about kids learning about Jesus in a way they can understand, so we do not encourage them to attend our service designed for adults.

  •  Preschoolers (6 weeks – PreK) attend Waumba Land    
  •  Elementary (K – 5th grade) attend UpStreet
  •  Middle School (6th – 8th grade) attend Transit
  •  High School (9th – 12th grade) attend InsideOut

Find out more about our Children and Teens environments!

How should I dress?

Please dress how you like. We are informal. No jacket or tie required, but you are welcome to wear them if you like. You should simply wear whatever you like.