Who We Are

We are a gathering of people with the intent to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by creating environments that everyone loves to attend.

How We Began

Redstone Church was started in 2006 by a partnership between North Point Ministries of Alpharetta Georgia and a handful of local Birmingham families who wanted to give Birmingham a different kind of church. A church which would be attractive to the non-religious person while engaging to the seasoned believer who desires to lead others to have a relationship with Jesus. 

Where We Have Been

Did you know that Redstone began as a portable church? Over the course of the first 7 years, we traveled around Birmingham making our church home in 4 very unique environments!

On Sunday evening, February 26, 2006, we held our first public service in downtown Birmingham at WorkPlay where we met every other Sunday evening until September of 2008 when we moved to the Theaters at the Summit Shopping Center. While the smell of buttery popcorn was nice, the time at the Summit was short lived and we moved to the empty sanctuary building of Shades Mountain Bible Church that December. By September of  2011, we began to meet in SoHo Square in downtown Homewood where we would see the last of our portable church days!

Through years of faithful prayer and contributions made by our attenders, we announced in September of 2013 that we would finally move to our first 24/7 location in the Vestavia City Center and celebrated our grand opening in January 2014. While we know that these walls don’t make the church, we are humbled and grateful to find a space where we can meet consistently and serve our community.

What is a North Point Partner?