Quarantine has a way of magnifying the frustrations . . . err . . .
differences between family members, doesn’t it?

Some of us are talkers. Others just want quiet.

Some want a family game night. Others prefer a solo Netflix binge.

And some are knocking out to-do lists, while others are FaceTiming with

Why are people who live in the same house—maybe even with the
same genetics—so different?

Kathleen Edelman would say it’s your temperament.
And while we’re all stuck at home, our temperaments are on FULL

Join communication coach Kathleen Edelman for Quarantine Quarrels.
There are two sessions and a Q&A with Kathleen provided. Break it up
over a couple days, or schedule an evening for a helpful and hilarious
“night in” that will leave you with a few laughs and a lot more grace for everyone at home.

If you have a child 12 or older, you may want to save them a seat!

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Want to know the magic words for talking to each temperament?


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