Every penny goes to great projects with great non-profit partners.

We partner with exceptional nonprofits doing valuable work in communities here and around the world. When you give financially to Be Rich, every penny supports the needs and efforts of these organizations. Your contribution will fund projects that are game changers for our nonprofits and life changers for the people they serve. Together, we can make a difference!

Our primary project this year is with our partners at Rwanda Children. Our goal is to raise $6000 in order to fund a Christmas party for over 500 kids. Any money raised over that amount will go directly toward their Malnutrition Program (it takes $10,000 to run this program for 6 months, but every amount helps!).

As you can imagine, the families supported by Rwanda Children have been hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Serge Gasore, Founder of Rwanda Children, explains how the Christmas party and Malnutrition Program help families, as well as how the pandemic has affected their community:

How the Christmas party helps kids and families:

The Christmas party allows us to celebrate Christmas for over 500 children by giving them small gifts and sharing a meal together to celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior. We decorate the entire campus and place a hut house by the gate a week before Christmas so the entire community is made aware of the celebration to come. On the day of the Christmas celebration, we buy a whole cow and a few pigs for meat to feed the kids. Then, we throw a party with a big feast as we celebrate the birth of our Savior! After the feast, all kids receive presents, including a bag of school materials and food to take home. Some of these kids have nothing at home, and they can share their gifts with other family members who could not afford to celebrate. Basically it becomes a Christmas for the entire village!

How the Malnutrition Program helps kids and families:

The Malnutrition program is an ongoing effort to save dying kids. Your funds will be used to buy food, fortified and prescribed supplements, and help our agriculture program, which really helps us sustain our Malnutrition program. The way our malnutrition program for kids works is like this: Kids identified to be dying because of hunger are brought to us and hospitalized at our clinic until they are in moderate condition. After that, they return home to come back to us twice a week to receive food. At the same time, their parents are equipped in different skills, such as cooking a well balanced diet, saving, family planning, spiritual formation, sewing, reading and writing, microfinance etc.. We serve kids and their parents for 6 months and upon graduation they receive a goat to help them survive. Some get sewing machines so they can go and start a small business on their own. Our experiences have shown that parents who graduate from our malnutrition program never go back to that situation again, and we praise God for that!

Rwanda Children & COVID-19

Since COVID-19 started spreading across Rwanda in March 2020, the Government has had on and off lockdowns. As a result of that, many businesses have closed forever and the unemployment rate and hunger shifted from bad to worse day by day. However, Rwanda Children (RC) raised a voice to its partners, and they responded quickly to help kids and those in our community who were struggling to put food on the table.

In 2020, Rwanda Children provided

  • 55,125 pounds of rice
  • 13,230 pounds of beans
  • 54,574 pounds of maize flour
  • 27,562 pounds of sugar
  • 2,205 pounds of porridge
  • 2,646 pounds of salt
  • 2,000 liters of milk
  • 1,000 liters of cooking oil
  • 10,000 units of eggs
  • hygienic materials

Rwanda Children also gave out 6,615 pounds of green bananas; 7,718 pounds of sweet potatoes and vegetables to people who have no other means to survive.

In the middle of the pandemic in 2020, Rwanda Children team wanted to adopt a style of helping those who were struggling by empowering them through employment at RC’s ranch and farm. RC created jobs for:

  • 558 casual farmers
  • 138 people in construction and campus maintenance
  • 62 in environmental conservation to find more sustainable food insecurity solutions.

The opportunity was mainly to ensure that people can earn some money to feed their families instead of being used to handouts. Besides, employment empowered families to afford some basic needs for their families such as:

  • Health insurance
  • School materials for their children, such as uniforms
  • Tuition fees

Moreover, some grew spiritually as our team took time to counsel and pray with each individual who was struggling, and that lifted so many people’s faith. Also, some other people have generated income from those daily jobs that were available on the RC campus and now have started small businesses that can help their families be able to put food on the table.

Some testimonies from beneficiaries:

“As a mason, I used to depend on my daily earnings. I had no alternatives for the situation. Rwanda Children helped me to feed my family during the hard situation of the lockdown.” ~Kizunguzungu Aimable

“The effects of COVID19 reached almost everyone. My first worry was how to survive with my children. Rwanda Children called me for food (Rice, beans). It had been three days without access to food. Today, I have hope for life.” ~Murekeyisoni Justine

The COVID19 pandemic and its effects continue, and people from the community still need our support. In 2021, Rwanda Children’s beneficiaries remain hopeful, but so many are still unknown. Below are some pictures of what our team was able to do as a part of COVID-19 Food Relief effort. Thanks and Blessings!!